YM Quotes:

YM Quotes:

Youth ministry is always a challenge. Youth ministry is consistently changing. Youth ministry is regularly surprising. Youth ministry is fresh all the time. (Mark Oestreicher)

Although students need guidance from good leaders, we often take on too much of the responsibility for their knowledge about God. We want them to blindly adopt our opinions rather than work out their own understanding. Instead we must help young people learn how to think for themselves with God’s perspective as their foundation and the Word of God as their rule. (Sean Dunn)

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Not alone. (poetry)

There's no need for uttermost fear...
                                                   ...'cause my best friend is very near.

There's no need for down-right fear...
                                                      ...even if I don't know whats in store for me next year.

There's no need for all-out fear...
                                               ...as he holds me unexpectedly dear.

There's no need for arrant fear...
                                              ...'cause the fog is moving and my sight becomes clear.

There's no need for any fear...
                                          ...as you show me daily that you are here.

(by Alex Strecker)


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