YM Quotes:

YM Quotes:

Youth ministry is always a challenge. Youth ministry is consistently changing. Youth ministry is regularly surprising. Youth ministry is fresh all the time. (Mark Oestreicher)

Although students need guidance from good leaders, we often take on too much of the responsibility for their knowledge about God. We want them to blindly adopt our opinions rather than work out their own understanding. Instead we must help young people learn how to think for themselves with God’s perspective as their foundation and the Word of God as their rule. (Sean Dunn)

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Love (Bible Thought ABC for Teens)

Love –
Is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachement, also a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection. Love may describe actions towards others or oneself based on compassion or affection. (emphasis mine; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love)

Story: (You can change the name of the persons in the story)
Bart tells his story: For fifty years I never liked my brother. I also didn’t dislike him. My brother is six years older than I. That means that when I was in seventh grade, he was in college. When I graduated from high school, he was two years into his career. My brother, who is highly motivated and gregarious, simply was not around. He was always off doing something important with his friends, business or own family. Once, when I was six years old, my fraternal aunt said, “Don’t you just love your brother?” “Not particularly,” I replied. She was aghast and seized that instance as a teachable moment, where upon I learned that one always says that he/she loves his/her sibling. But I didn’t.
It was not until I was past fifty that I began to understand and to know my brother. Through shared experiences in our separate families, through loses, deaths and tragedies we reached out and came to know each other. We shared responsibilities and obligations, feelings and expectations. Through the experiences of reflection, memory, loss, sacrifice and responsibilities we each found some dignity and were able to feed on our common life together. We found a sense of joy in our mutual life and with each other. My brother and I passed from being helpers to one another, to friends, to having a filial or brotherly relationship and finally to a self-giving love for each other. We have found this love through the sacrifices of our past experiences and attitudes. (http://fathergage.com/sermons/two-love-stories/)

- What means the word LOVE for you?
- Do you understand how Bart felt for many years about his brother?
- Are there things you could do to learn how to love unconditionally?

There are in general four kinds of love. Storge, which is the love between parents and children. Phileo, is understood as the love between good friends. Eros stands for sexual love or passionate love. And agape is the very nature of God, it is not simply an impulse generated from feelings. Rather, an exercise of the will, a deliberate choice. In other words, unconditional love – no strings attached. When we talk about love, we want to focus on agape - which is unconditional love given by God. (emphasis mine; http://www.truthortradition.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=743)

Bible passage:
“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. John 13:34

Think about:
God has given us the command to love others. While that seems easier with friends and family, it can be more difficult to love a stranger - someone you actually don’t know. But, the most difficult person to love is for sure someone whom you don’t like or don’t trust (your enemy). For this to happen you need to ask God (pray) to give you “His love” for others (agape).

Game: Funny Love Letter (optional)
It is difficult to put your feelings into words – especially concerning love. Some people are better in it then others. When you play this game make sure that all understand that they should not take it seriously. Sit in a circle, give each teen a piece of paper and a pen. Tell them to write their own name on the left top corner of the paper. Then they should fold it one time so that no one can see their name. (Make sure that there is still enough space on each paper to write a small letter.) Collect the papers and hand them out randomly again. Now you start. Tell all to write a lovely introduction sentence, then fold the paper again and hand it to the person on your left. Tell all to write a nice sentence with where they met, then fold the paper again and hand it to the person two seats away on your left. Tell all to write a nice sentence with what they find so great about another person, then fold the paper again and hand it to the person on your left. Tell all to write a creative sentence about how much they miss the other person, then fold the paper again and hand it to the person two seats away on your left. Tell all now to write a cute ending with their signature at the end of the paper. Collect all the letters and give each owner their love-letter. Ask them to read them out loud. (The game is random, therefore some of the letters will make no sense while others will sound very funny.)

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