YM Quotes:

YM Quotes:

Youth ministry is always a challenge. Youth ministry is consistently changing. Youth ministry is regularly surprising. Youth ministry is fresh all the time. (Mark Oestreicher)

Although students need guidance from good leaders, we often take on too much of the responsibility for their knowledge about God. We want them to blindly adopt our opinions rather than work out their own understanding. Instead we must help young people learn how to think for themselves with God’s perspective as their foundation and the Word of God as their rule. (Sean Dunn)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hospitality (Bible Thought ABC for Teens)

Is the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way inside and outside of your home (emphasis mine; http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/hospitality).

Story: (You can change the name of the persons in the story)
Selina was a poor girl, when she was little her father got very sick and eventually died. Her mother worked very hard in a factory to afford a living, but they hardly had any money. Sometimes Selina had to go to school without breakfast, and it was difficult to study with an empty stomach. Every day on her way to school she would pass a small bakery near her home. She would stop in front of it for a few minutes because the smell of fresh bread was nice. Felice worked in the bakery, she saw Selina passing by and looking at the shop window daily. Finally, one day Felice decided to surprise Selina. She packed a paper-bag full of fresh bread rolls and went to Selina, who stopped like always for a moment in front of the shop window. Felice gave her the bag, she whispered: “This is for you” and ran quickly back into the bakery. Selina was totally stunned and did not know what to say. From that day onwards, the two started to get to know each other better. Selina even visited Felice sometimes in the shop. Eventually they became friends and it all started with a small act of hospitality.
- How do you treat other people you meet during the day?
- Have you ever done a kind thing to somebody like Felice did in the story?
- How would you react if a stranger shows hospitality (kindness) to you?

All of us meet people in different places for several reasons each day. In general we would be kind and friendly, but still keeping others in a certain distance. Allowing someone to come into your house is for many of us a serious step (to a certain degree) towards friendship.

Bible passage:
Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers… (Hebr. 13:2)

Think about:
It is one thing to invite a friend into your home, to spend time with them, laugh with them, share a meal with them, cry with them... But, what a bout a stranger, someone you just met, a person you don’t know how much you can trust? The Bible is simple and clear, we are asked to show hospitality to all people around us. We all know that this does not come easy and is a process. The first step though is to be willing to open your heart.  

Game:  hostility vs. hospitability (optional)
Ask your teens (at least a week before you meet) to bring one snack they like next time. They should only bring one serving - not to share. (Make sure to have some extra snacks with you for kids who might show up unexpectedly). Then sit around the table (or in a circle) and ask each teen to show their snack and let all of them briefly explain why they like it. Then give them between 5-10 min to interact with each other. They can try to persuade, ask or beg for another persons snack. People are allowed to swap several times (as long as time allows it).
After the game ask who was stubborn enough not to swap their snack, check out who swapped several times. Ask if it was easier to give your snack to a close friend in the group rather then to someone they hardly knew. Talk about hospitality - that it means to put other people’s needs first and to get rid of your self-centred attitude.

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