YM Quotes:

YM Quotes:

Youth ministry is always a challenge. Youth ministry is consistently changing. Youth ministry is regularly surprising. Youth ministry is fresh all the time. (Mark Oestreicher)

Although students need guidance from good leaders, we often take on too much of the responsibility for their knowledge about God. We want them to blindly adopt our opinions rather than work out their own understanding. Instead we must help young people learn how to think for themselves with God’s perspective as their foundation and the Word of God as their rule. (Sean Dunn)

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Story 5: The "Control Issue"

I am sure you know the term "control freak": A person who wants to be in charge constantly. Actually even more then that, he/ she wants to have everything under his/ her control all the time. I am not sure if you are a person like that, but even if you are not still I believe that everyone kinda wants to know what is happening next in life and be prepared for it.

But that's not how God works. You cannot make sure that everything is working out the way you think it is supposed to be. Because, God is in control! He made the universe, this world and everything/ everyone on it. Sometimes it does not seem like it, but he knows what is going on and has it in his hand.

Here is a story:
I shared before about the soccer ministry I am involved in, some years ago we had a big problem with guys who joined us to play soccer and always ended up fighting about little things.
One Friday it got really serious: The one guy fouled the other, so the one who was fouled got really angry shouted and started pushing. For sure the accused did not accept this and pushed back. In a matter of minutes we had a real fight going. I went closer to the guys to help as one of them suddenly picked up a brick, willing to throw it at the other guy. I was shocked and I knew something bad could happen so I went in between the two. The guy with the brick in the hand was surprised and waited for my reaction/ argument.
Now I had to make a decision, was I the one who had it under control? Or maybe the guy with the brick in his hand? Who was in control?

Many thoughts rushed through my brain, I weighed my options:
1. I can reason with him ("You don't want to do this, if you kill this other guy you will end up in jail.")
2. I can tell (demand) him ("I am the boss here, you put this brick down now!")
3. I can joke about it, to ease the situation ("Man that is funny to fight like that about a foul...")

But I realised that nothing would work, I was not in control of that situation, but God was.

So I did the the only thing that was left. I just stood there, looked him in the eyes and prayed quietly. During that period (3-5min) there was absolute silence on the field, everyone waited for the guy to react. And it was amazing, as I looked at him I could see how the anger in his eyes just went away and he eventually handed the brick over to me. GOD WAS IN CONTROL.

What I want to say is that as youth leaders (workers) we try to have everything under our control and power. But shouldn't we give to God what is his? I am not saying allow chaos in your meetings, but remember who is in charge of your ministry.

There is an interesting story of King Manasseh (2 Ch. 33:1-19) in the Bible:
The King did not listen to God but thought, "I am in control". In his case God had to drag him into exile so that he realised that he should be under God's guidance...
"Now that he was in trouble, he went to his knees in prayer asking for help--total repentance before the God of his ancestors. As he prayed, GOD was touched; GOD listened and brought him back to Jerusalem as king. That convinced Manasseh that GOD was in control". (2 Ch 33:12-13)

So think about your life for a moment.

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